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The 11th Top Secret Magic Day – 2007

Once everyone found a place to park (not one of Bedford’s strongest attributes on a Sunday), the day started well. This is my 6th Top Secret day and I’ve enjoyed everyone one of them.

Lecture – Nicholas Einhorn
Nicholas always presents commercial workable material and this lecture was packed full of it. The highlights for me was the FISM Forcer which was a very clever way of forcing anything you wanted using a gimmicked board that was easy to make up and his linking finger rings as well as very well constructed book test gimmick that he quickly sold out of.

Lecture Aldo and Rachel Colombini
Part Lecture part Dealer demo, however as the lovely Rachel was doing the demonstration I don’t think anyone minded. Some very simple magic well explained.

Mandy Muden’s Comedy Hour
I thought this was going to be a show however it was a mix of show and master class on performing and working on your act. Some very good practical advice, with some useful gems for everyone,

Lecture Paul Daniels
More a Q&A than a lecture but Paul is always worth listening too, and even not on his top form, Paul on just half throttle is still better than most of us. He is always a true professional and you can learn so much from him. Once again some gems from a working professional giving so much advice to those wanting to listen. I wonder how many dean box owners have added Paul’s handling to there routine?

Work Shops I was not able to make any of the workshops as I was talking with Paul Daniels and Terry however I heard positive feed back from both, both from the ring and rope workshop by Aldo Colombini and the Card workshop by Paul Gordon

Gala Show
The classic Terry Seabrooke was compering the show that opened with Zane, who presented an oriental act with a mixture of doves, silks, masks, linking rings and pyrotechnics. Next on were Aldo and Rachel Colombini with a comedy mentalist act presented with Aldo in his normal comedy style. Mandy Muden showed true professionalism having had her props stolen from her car she was able to still put on a great performance with some borrowed items and bags of personality and stage presence. The first half was closed with Martin and his hard working assistance, with some very funny illusions.

The second half was devoted to Paul Daniels, who showed us all how to fill the stage with few props but true professionalism and years of experience. All his classics were performed, cup and ball, egg/nut/lemon and electric chairs. The muddles loved him, and his audience handling was a pleasure to watch. Who cares if the show over ran, the show was a great ending to a great day.

The only comment to make which was raised by Paul during the gala show was the magicians should be sat at the back of the theatre for the gala show, so often performers had to go to the back of the theatre to get a layperson to help with a trick. Also the view for the lectures were not perfect in the allocated seating and many moved to the tier seating to get better views.


About the author Darren James is the author of many shopping lists. As well as being a busy performer he is part of the Watford Association of Magicians Committee.