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Submission Guidelines

We want you to contribute to magicconventionguide!

We are looking for…

  • Reports of conventions
  • Survival guides to your favourite convention
  • Lecture/seminar/workshop reviews
  • Hotel reports
  • Photos
  • Articles related to magic conventions
  • Competition results

Try to email a photograph with your submission and a few lines to be included in a ‘Bio Box’ as a small thank you and to attribute credit. Have a look at other articles, reviews, reports on magicconventionguide to get an idea of what we want.

We are always looking for great submissions. That can be a review, guide, article, in fact pretty much anything.

The site will only grow and reach its goal with your help! We want it to be representative of the whole world of magic conventions so if you are planning on attending the Kazakhstan Kavalcade of Magic or the Johannesburg Jamboree of Magic then we want to hear from you info@magicconventionguide.com.

No convention or lecture is too small. Obviously magicconventionguide can’t attend every magic convention because…actually we’d love to attend them all but physically it’s impossible so we need your help!

Any conventions that you feel are missing from our Convention Calendar email info@magicconventionguide.com and we will add them in. We would like to hear from you about your convention hotel. Take a photo of your breakfast and/ or room and include a short review discussing the good and the bad. You can mention dumb things like chances of being mugged on the way home and percentage of baize covering the pool table and serious facts.

This will eventually build to be an important resource for those considering where to stay at a convention in the future. If you liked your hotel tell us and we’ll tell everybody and if you HATED it… we will get the word out and protect the rest of the magic world!