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57th International Gala Show – Blackpool Magicians Convention 2009

February 23rd, 2009 by Magic Convention Guide

The gala show was the end of a fantastic weekend, possibly the best Blackpool ever, and the gala show proved to be no different to the high quality of the weekend.

The theater was filled with the sound of Salene, and Violinist who played alongside upbeat pop music and people took their seats.

Derek Scott, the MC for the show was hilarious, (he’s from Canada!), and got funnier as the show went on. Ervan Bodiou opened the show with a fast, perfect Dove act. Arthur Trace, who has lectured earlier did his FISM Artist Act, Rudy Coby followed with his signature four leg act, quick change, and was met with huge applause as his floating chainsaw cut off his extra legs. He received a great response with a number of people giving a standing ovation.

The quality went up another notch with Jerome Murat, the living statue, who if you’ve not seen before, is a sensational act you have to see to believe. Tony Chapek, interacted with his alter ego through the television monitor, dipping in and out of the screen before a quick change finish. The very strong first half closed with Jeff McBride, performing his Mask Routine, Rain Bowls, carrd manipulation and card shooting sets, giving him and the other acts a huge response and applause.

With the quality set high for the first half the second half was going to be a killer. After the presentation of The Murray Award to Eric Eswin and Duncan Trillo, Ken Dodd took to the stage to award the Ken Dodd Comedy award and present a short(!) set.

An Ha-Lim from Korea presented his award winning Card Manipulations, followed by Juggler, Tony Frebourg who had to be seen to be believed, extreme juggling with Diablos (he’s one of the only people in the world able to perform with five Diablos simulatiously!) that wowed the audience.

The show closed with Oscar, Renzo and Mara – Magic Unlimited with fast paced illusions, a floating packing create, A- Frame and a fast paced metamorphosis type illusion to end.

The show really reflected the quality of the whole weekend, with possibly I think one of the best Blackpool Gala Shows for many years.