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David Williamson Lecture – South Tyneside International Magic Festival

March 16th, 2009 by Richard Morrell

David Williamson had still not been reunited with his luggage, but this didn’t stop him giving another excellent, very funny lecture. He started off with a very easy to do spoon bending routine. A quick gag with some coins that supposedly came out of, and went back, into the pen lid and a similar gag that you can do with an iPhone.

The explanation to Torn and Restored Transposition gave David a platform to talk about the Top Change. He then performed his Sugar to Cup routine that is great for restaurant work. Next came his take on the Coins Across plot, and versions of Matrix. He then performed the Striking Vanish and gave us some ideas for usage. Lastly David finished with his take on the Famous Three Card Trick. A fantastically funny and insightful end to a wonderful convention.