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Patrick Redford Lecture – South Tyneside International Magic Festival

March 15th, 2009 by Richard Morrell

Patrick started his lecture by explaining he normally performs under his real name of George Tait, but publishes all his magic under the name Patrick G Redford. He explained some of the material he had used in the Gala Show.

He started with Quartet which was the clever coloured envelope prediction, and the applications to using the principle for Telephone magic, where he was able to divine the order of any four objects the spectator had mixed.

Patrick then went on to explain a very clever and almost sleight-free way of doing an any-card-at-any-number presentation, using two decks, one which was in a bag, guarded by a spectator. The named card and number decided upon and demonstrated with the first deck, the second deck removed from the bag by the spectator, from which they counted down to the number to find the card.

He then briefly went through the first phase of the Glemme routine he performed in the close-up so we could see the scripting and the twist on the dual-reality principle. Finally to close the lecture he explained the Bear prediction piece he had performed on the Gala show. A fascinating lecture, with some very clever thinking and routining.