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The Session – Joshua Jay Lecture

January 17th, 2010 by Magic Convention Guide

It was great to see Joshua Jay Lecturing again his accident last year. Josh took some time to explain his accident the effected mainly his arm and hand.

Even with this Josh is still a fantastic thinking, inventor and performer, and the ran though a number of what he described as “prepared magic”. That is magic that requires at least some pre-preparation of cards or props, however, all allowing the performer to finish 100% clean. The effects were wonderful, extremely strong, and clean.

Josh also explained his ‘hospital set’, a set of effects that he created and used whilst recuperating and having only full use of one of his hands. Even these effects were extremely strong.

The effects were mainly with cards, but there was an lovely effect with a bank note, allowing a corner to be torn off, note vanished and found, minus the corner back in a spectators wallet, the corner of course matching, again leaving the performer completely clean.

A fantastic end to the lectures for the day, leading into the evenings entertainment of bar magic, and gala show.