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European FISM Winners 2011

February 19th, 2011 by Magic Convention Guide

The winners of the European FISM taking place at Blackpool Magic Convention this weekend are:

1st Dion, Netherlands
2nd Kenris, France
3rd Franz Koffer, Hungary

General Magic:
1st Charlie Mag, Spain
2nd Max Guito, France
3rd Simon Pierro, Germany

Stage Illusions:
1st Cubic Act, France
2nd High Jinx, England
3rd Raul Black, Spain

Mental Magic:
1st Not Awarded
2nd Christian Bischof, Switzerland
3rd Frederic Da Silva, France

Comedy Magic:
No places awarded

Most Original Stage Act: Silvana, Spain

Card Magic:
1st Mika Pelkonen, Finland
2nd Paul Sommersguter, Austria
3rd Kristian Nivala, Finland

Micro Magic:
1st Vittorio Belloni, Italy

Parlour Magic:
1st Yann Frisch, France
2nd Matthew Wright, England
3rd Hayashi, Germany
3rd Hector Mancha, Spain

Most Original Close Up Act: Yann Frisch, France

Thanks to the tweets of Neointhemix who we recommend following on twitter!! Also thanks to Gay Ljungberg for correcting some errors in the awards. Please note that these are the official placings from FISM