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EMC 2012 – Session 8 – Luis Piedrahita- Small Things

July 29th, 2012 by Magic Convention Guide

Essential Magic Conference
Luis Piedrahita talked about performing live close up magic on TV, something he knows a lot about having done it every single week for 3 years.

For those magicians lucky enough to get on TV for long, or short appearances, Luis gave some great advice on how to be filmed, and how to work with a camera filming you.

These included the frame, and how important it is to understand where the camera frame in, and how not to move out of it. He also talked about wide shots and what you really don’t want to be doing in a wide shot. He talked about changes in the shot, where a director swaps from one camera to another, and how it might effect your effect and routine.

Luis talked about who to perform to, and how you should remember the audience at home, and how to spot when, and which camera and on what shot to talk to them, and most of all, be prepared for everything!!

Luis demonstrated what he’d spoken about by running through a video of a routine as filmed for live TV and pointed out the advice he’s explained to us previously on shots, frames and exactly how the section was filmed.

Essential Magic Conference

A great talk, and shows the variety of the subjects at EMC, its not just tricks, it’s useful workable advise from those that have honed their craft and their experience, and are happy to share that knowledge.

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