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EMC 2012 – Session 9 – Dynamo – Magician Impossible

July 29th, 2012 by Magic Convention Guide

Essential Magic Conference
Dynamo is a big name within the UK at the moment, the second series of his Magician Impossible has just aired on British TV, and Marvin Berglas joined Dynamo to talk to him about his magic and career.

Dynamo explained that his background was quite tough, his father was not around, and his mum was quite young when he was born. Dynamo was close to his grand parents, and his grandfather taught him magic to avoid or at least defuse the bullying that Dynamo suffered at school as a child. Dynamo also suffers from crohn’s disease, an inflammatory bowel disease, yet despite all this his he is now hugely successful.

Essential Magic Conference

Dynamo talked about how as a youngster he picked up a number of videos as they were then of people like Daryl, which he worked with.

He talked about how many organisations didnt take him seriously for performance, and he ended up, frustrated, going to the Princes Trust (a beneficiary fund set up by HRH Prince Charles) and getting funding to buy a camcorder, from which he filmed and created ‘Underground Magic’, from which he was commissioned by Chanel Four to create ‘Dynamo – estate of mind’ which showed some of Dynamo’s background,

Marvin talked with Dynamo about the Walking across the river thames stunt, in which Dynamo explained some of the issues with the stunt, and that Dynamo is now working on Season Three of Magician Impossible.

Essential Magic Conference

A great interview with a young magician who’s really made a name for himself through pure determination.

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