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FISM – 2009 Prizes and Winners

July 31st, 2009 by Andy Stone

FISM 2009 prizes were awarded this afternoon in Beijing.
Marc Oberon

The headline is that Marc Oberon, sponsored by The Magic Circle has won 1st prize in parlour magic (above). Marc was originally entered in the micro category, but FISM judges have the right to change a contestant’s category.

Second place parlour went to Sweden’s Charlie Capper and third prize to Latko from Argentina with his chessboard act.

In the card category 1st prize was awarded to Shawn Farquhar of Canada, 2nd to Kristian Nivala of Finland (who performed his card act to live piano accompaniment and 3rd prize to Olmac from France.

This means that tonight Shawn and Marc go head to head for the close up grand pix. Last time they met in a competition Marc won, so fingers crossed!

In the stage awards there was no first prize for comedy or mentalism. One competitor was disqualified for using a stooge, but we were not told who!

Stage Illusion was won by Julius Frack from Germany, who sadly cannot perform tonight as his assistant has injured her leg.

First Prize in General Magic went to Soma of Hungry. Meaning that there will be a FISM world champion at the British Ring Convention in September! 1st Prize Manipulation was a tie.