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FISM Day Five, Competition

July 30th, 2009 by Andy Stone

Qu LeiDay 5 of FISM 2009 started at 0830 with the final round of the stage competition. The first act was the only entry from the USA, Andost performed a magic competition act with coloured light bulbs and table lamps.

We saw 6 manipulators, two of whom chose to manipulate CDs. Han Seol-Hui from Korea registered well with the fast paced act we saw at Blackpool and got a standing ovation. Jordan Gomez from France also registered well when he performed his CD manipulation a few acts later.

Among the novelty acts was a particularly well dressed tramp from Spain who built a doll from discarded rubbish, which came to life and a Russian who produced a his own circus tent and then juggled. We saw two quick change acts. A pleasant act from Finland was somewhat outclassed by a Chinese magician who changed costume several times, whilst producing parasols. She produced some of the parasols with her feet!

Soma from Hungary registered well in the General Magic category with his mobile phone act. His “rewound” torn and restored newspaper got a particularly strong reaction. Soma is appearing at the British Ring Convention in Southport.

The final act of the 2009 FISM stage competition was “The Prince of Darkness” from Germany in the comedy category, one of only two acts in that category. He did a blindfold routine and booktest, whilst dressed as a vampire. He was “flashed off”!

Today’s lecture offerings were from Topas, Henry Evans and Shoot Ogawa. In the afternoon the FISM general assembly met to decide where FISM 2012 will be held. The only bid on the table was from Blackpool Magician’s Club. Derek Lever made a good pitch and overwhelming majority endorsed the Blackpool bid. I attended the General Assembly as representative of both the British Ring and The Magic Circle and as instructed, cast the block of votes from both societies in Blackpool’s favor.

The result was announced at tonight’s “Social Banquet Show”.